Location - No.1 Quayside Newcastle Upon Tyne England.

Size and Programme - 3252 sq.m (35,000 sq.ft) Mixed use Office and food Retail

Client - Tokyo Industries

Budget - £8 million


The former Stereo pub site is a strategically located island site on the Newcastle Quayside. The proposed mixed use scheme will have the unique address No.1 Quayside Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The buildings elliptical plan is derived from the shape of the site. Each floor plate is offset from the floor below, with a central atrium. The building will be naturally ventilated. Openings on the facade will provide fresh air on each floor with exhaust via the atrium. The exposed concrete structural frame will provide a thermal mass to help control summer temperatures and aid nighttime cooling.

Each upper floor will have a balcony with dramatic views of the Millennium bridge, Sage music centre and riverscape. There will be a landscaped roof garden with access to the general public.