Location - Newcastle Upon Tyne

Size and Programme - 3530q.m ( 38,000 sq.ft ) Remodelling and refurbishment of 1960’s office building.

Client - Hermes Estates

Budget - £4 million.


The Project was the result of an invited design competition to remodel and rejuvenate a late 1960’s brutalist icon. Pearl Assurance House was built on Newcastle’s prime retail street specifically for the Pearl Assurance company. An eight storey tower sits on top of a two storey plinth. Our approach including cutting a large hole 30metres x 15 metres in the roof of the second floor plinth.

Our approach included cutting a 35 metre x 20 metre hole in the roof of the second floor plinth. A lightweight steel frame was inserted. The frame supports a glazed roof and glazed facades to office units below. The office units are arranged around a central breakout space. All offices are naturally ventilated via automatic opening vents in the glazed roof.